“My Choice Matters”

Wednesday, October 12th, 2016 @ 12:04PM

Last week, the Barnstable County Regional Substance Abuse Council (RSAC) launched My Choice Matters, a new media campaign aiming to promote healthy behaviors on Cape Cod. What makes this initiative unique is its target audience. Parents and adults need to be accountable for their behavior and cognizant of the example it sets for the youth in our community, while at the same time, children and teens need to learn skills to deal with the peer pressure that they often encounter. My Choice Matters offers a set of tools for both adults and minors to deal with these challenges and to encourage dialogue between them.

RSAC notes that “parents have more influence than anyone else – including peers – on their child’s choice whether or not to drink alcohol or use drugs. Children care about what their parents think and mimic what their parents do. Parents can choose to learn how alcohol and drugs affect young people and this knowledge will empower them to speak with their children often and honestly to guide their decisions.”

I am enthusiastic that My Choice Matters is a local program, created by and for Cape Codders. I believe that RSAC’s customized approach will make My Choice Matters an effective campaign and hope that it will become a model for other communities around the state. Efforts like this are critical to helping solve the addiction crisis on the Cape.

On Sunday, November 20th, My Choice Matters is hosting their Parenting to Prevent Substance Use Summit, a forum “designed to provide Cape Cod parents with information from local experts on strategies for positive, effective parenting and practical tips for communicating with their children.” Dr. Ruth Potee, a noted physician, will be there to give a presentation on how substance use affects the teenage brain and its development. Everyone should check this out.

“In believing that ‘My Choice Matters,'” RSAC wrote in their press release, “we are empowered to make decisions that have a positive impact on our lives and on those around us.”

I agree.


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